We build the future through Data-centric AI.

By harnessing the power of data-driven AI, Crowdworks is driving a new paradigm of collaboration and innovation between humans and machines.

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Data Quality is
Proportional to Experience

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Data Accurancy

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Data-Centric ML Life Cycle

Data quality determines how successful AI models are in achieving their intended purpose.
Crowdworks providesend-to-end solutions for all processes of AI development, from defining requirements to generating AI data, developing algorithms and services, and validating models and services.

Dedicated data manager will identify your data requirements.
We analyze your data requirements,
define your project conditions, and select the appropriate labelers.
Build your data labeling project easily with our no-code platform.
You can use the same project design system that Crowdworks actually uses.
Label faster and more accurately with our AI tools.
Data labelers designate a workspace,
and AI specialized for the type of task performs the autowork.
As your project progresses, the amount of training data grows.
Crowdworks improves the performance of preprocessing AI with that data,
refining the source data and making labelers more productive.
Validate AI model performance by comparing the results of your AI model
to Ground-Truth data.
Perform sophisticated tests with Crowdworks' diverse pool of labelers.


With accurate and repetitive inspection,
we aim for data accuracy of 99%

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2. Data Collection
3. Total Inspection
(100% Inspection)
4. Data Annotation
5. Total Inspection
(100% Inspection)
6. 2nd QC
7. Dataset Delivery

AI Data Solution

From AI data creation to model validation, we provide the right services for the entire AI lifecycle.

Discover how Crowdworks can assist your AI projects

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