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Streamline your AI development process with MLworks.
Our machine learning-based data preprocessing service eliminates manual work, reduces costs, and increases the potential value of your data.

MLworks Solution

Data De-identification

  • MLworks automatically de-identifies data, blurring sensitive personal information in images to mitigate legal risks and ensure privacy.

Key frame extraction

  • Our key frame extraction technology extracts the most important frames for AI training, minimizing the time and cost of building training data.

Data De-identification

Block Legal Disputes
Legal disputes over AI data are on the rise. Avoid the legal risk of personal information exposure with de-identified data.
Speed Up Data Preprocessing
It takes a lot of time for a human to find and manually edit personal information in an image. Save time and resources by automating personal information removal from your data.
Increase Data Value
When data contains personal information, the task becomes difficult. Enhance the value of your data by processing personal information from noisy data.

Keyframe Extraction

Preserve Data Diversity
Extract only the most important frames for model training while achieving similar learning effects with fewer frames.
Reduce Training Time
Speed up data building and reduce training time by automatically extracting keyframes from video data.
Handle Multimodal Data Efficiently
Video data is complex and contains multiple types of data, such as images, voice, and text (STT). Our service makes it easy to work with high-potential video data.

MLworks Model

Using ChatGPT interface

  • Automate CS tasks (personalized call to customers) via ChatGPT utilizing data processed fromyour internal systems.

Using Fine-Tuned GPT

  • Build LLMs trained on internal data in an internal environment, ensuring security and streamlining the work of employees.

Why ML Works?

It can be used in a variety of industries, including autonomous driving, AR/VR, and security.
  • Autonomous driving
  • VR/AR
  • Security

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