Ground-truth-based quality verification service from the largest pool of workers in Korea

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Validate the quality of your AI models and data with real-world tasks

Qualityworks is a ground-truth data-driven performance validation service.By leveraging data labeled by qualified labelers, you can quickly and accurately assess the quality of your training data or AI model.

AI data validation

  • Ensure your supervised learning data adheres to your data labeling standards to achieve optimal performance.

AI model validation

  • Verify your model's performance by comparing output with ground-truth data built from data labeling.

Why AI Performance Validation Matters?

To ensure the success of AI models, they must be accurately evaluated before being released to customers. Performance validation based on fresh ground-truth data is essential to ensure the reliability and accuracy of AI models.

Low commercialization rate of AI : 30%
According to LG CNS Research, out of 100 cases, only 30% of AI was actually commercialized. Even if you succeed in PoC, rigorous performance verification is required to apply AI in real industrial processes.
Lack of high-quality training data
AI supervised learning requires human-labeled data. Without high-quality data, training AI runs the risk of biased learning outcomes.
Limited optimized learning algorithms
Lack of internal data engineering resources to tune open-source ML algorithms can lead to poor AI performance.

Experience reliable AI data&model performance validation with Crowdworks

Provide quantitative, numerical reports

  • We provide quantitative, numerical test reports.Get detailed quantitative test reports with the option to consult with our data experts for additional insights.

Test optimized for your business

  • We provide optimized performance tests tailored to each customer, enabling robust performance comparisons. Our diverse workforce comes from various industries, such as legal, healthcare, and robotics, and works with sophisticated ground-truth data.

Extensive validation experience

  • With our subsidiaries, we have validated public data released by the government through AI Hub. Additionally, we have extensive experience in validating the performance of core models for IT companies.

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