At Crowdworks, we consider data security to be of utmost importance, just as we recognize the significance of data itself.

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At Crowdworks, we understand the significance of your data and its potential value. That's why we prioritize data security above all else. We make a commitment to safeguard your valuable data assets through the following measures

Adhering to industry security standards
  • Our platform is built and operated using industry-standard security protocols and best practices.
Encrypted storage of client and user data
  • All data and personal user information within our platform is securely encrypted.
Careful management of data access rights
  • We follow the principle of least privilege for data security management, based on IAM.
Redundant database configuration
  • Our databases are redundantly configured to ensure superior data protection.
Regular application of the latest security patches
  • We apply the latest security patches to protect you against emerging threats.
Regular security checks
  • We perform regular security checks to proactively detect and address potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure.

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